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As a seasoned professional you know that for every problem you successfully overcome—such as needing more clients, the topic I focused on in my first book—another more challenging problem inevitably follows, like how to grow your business when all of your time is booked with clients.

With every success comes new challenges and this repeated cycle is a constant state of being for the entrepreneur. Each time we solve a problem, we begin a new game at a higher level, in which we’re facing new problems.

Most of our business problems are self-created, because we’ve stepped up to a higher level of play.  If you are willing to solve the problems you face, the sky is the limit. Each problem you confront in your business is just a bit bigger than your current capacity to handle it. Oh, I know sometimes it doesn’t seem that way. Sometimes, it seems like the problems we face are insurmountable, especially those that lead us into the unknown. That’s why we need to solve our new problems with a more sophisticated level of thinking than that which created the problems in the first place. If you can do that, you will continue to increase your capacity for doing bigger and better things in the world. That’s what I try to do every day. Is it easy? No. Is there a “secret?” I haven’t found it. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

In Beyond Booked Solid I will show you how make more money and work less on the things you dislike, that frustrate you or that you are simply not good at doing.  I will show you how to turn a one-person operation into a highly successful enterprise that serves many more clients than you ever have before.  That’s what I mean when I say a “bigger, better business.”  It doesn’t mean you work more (though you may have to in the very short term) and it doesn’t even necessarily mean you end up with a lot of employees you have to manage.  It means learning how to leverage what you’re good at, so you can afford to focus on what you love in your work and in the rest of your life.  After all, it’s your business and your life; you can and should run them your way. 

Right now this may seem more like a dream than a possible reality.  But as you shift your thinking and take action using the techniques and strategies inside this book, you will see that it is entirely possible to achieve and that it can happen much faster than you ever imagined. 

Beyond Booked Solid was born out of the challenges, problems, and struggles I have faced since writing Book Yourself Solid. Every word is based on the sweat, tears, laughter, and joy of building a bigger, better business that leverages the power of people and processes, and generates more money while the business owner (who could be you!) works less.

In thinking about how to grow your businesses, do you find yourself in any of these situations?

  • Feel trapped into providing one-on-one services, and unable to leverage your time to explore ways to generate multiple revenue streams.  You have lots of great ideas, but lack the wherewithal to implement them.
  • Believe that your business will suffer if other people serve your clients, because you are the only one who can deliver your services.
  • Worry about your people and project management skills, because you spend precious time hiring and training due to staff turnover (time that could be better spent on growing your business).
  • Think you ought to fly solo, without truly understanding the need for a strong network of support, both personally and professionally.
  • Know that you lack the right systems or procedures to support the ongoing business development, marketing, and administration activities of the business. As you get busier, you stop marketing and find that your business becomes inconsistent; or you get bogged down with paperwork and end up staying at the office several hours later than you intend.
  • Lack the right tools to forecast and budget effectively, so you’re constantly worried about where the next dollar is coming from.  You end up making financial decisions without really understanding the implications.
  • Have trouble incorporating work/life balance. There’s never enough time for family and friends, exercise, hobbies, travel and all the other things you keep promising yourself you’ll do, when you have the time.  

If you identify with any of these issues, you’re in the right place.  I can help you approach your business from a new and inspired perspective, so you can focus first on serving your clients, and then on growing your business.

Beyond Booked Solid focusses on—innovation. It will help you discover your capacity to innovate in your business, through creativity and systems thinking, so you can make the changes necessary in your business to go beyond booked solid.

Beyond Booked Solid gives you the strategies, techniques, and tips you need to build a bigger, better business.  It will inspire you to take action and help you stay accountable so you build the best business that’s best for you. And by the way, growth (a bigger, better business) can mean many things—bigger revenues, bigger profits, bigger operations.  It’s up to you what it will mean in your business.  Growth is a very different challenge from booking yourself solid.

This book is about what Timothy Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Work Week, calls “elegance,” the balance between dabbling and obsessing, which enables you to build your business, without losing yourself.  You can run your business, and your life, in your way.  It’s what I call mastery—the focus and application you need to excel at something.  The book is not so much a workbook—though of course it has that element—as it is a book that will guide you to a new way of seeing your business and taking action to change it.  This book is about finding new ways of being and building a bigger, better business.

In Beyond Booked Solid we’ll look at how and why some small business owners make the leap and build a bigger, better business, and others don’t.  How is the practical, brass tacks things you can do to grow your business.  It is the action steps you can take—such as, designing a better structure and putting the right systems in place.  Why is the ways you need to think and be, to innovate, collaborate and complete the projects you will have to do to achieve your objectives; it’s being successful from the inside out.  I think of it this way—how is doing; why is being.

In Beyond Booked Solid, we’ll decide the scope of the change you want to make now that you’re booked solid—because it isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, is it? Then we’ll investigate a variety of business building blocks with which you can create a better, more leveraged, business architecture for the future, so you really can earn more money while working less.  And, finally, we’ll re-conceive your business structure to go beyond booked solid.

What do I mean by business architecture?  The architecture of your business is how you do business and it is how you will grow.  It is what Hal Macomber, co-founder of Lean Project Consulting, Inc. and an important contributor to this book, calls the structures for fulfillment in your business.  It is how you create and deliver your product or service.  A better architecture may include outsourcing busy-work, systematizing operations, producing projects, exploring opportunities for passive revenue and leveraging your marketing efforts so that you are able to work creatively on building the business, have more free time and, ultimately, think bigger about who you are and what you have to offer the world.  To go beyond booked solid you will need to think more consciously about your architecture and likely do some re-structuring.    

As we are delving into the action steps you will take, we’ll also re-discover the power of ongoing innovation in our businesses—why you will succeed.  We’ll set goals for the future and get there.  We’ll master the art of the project and how to work with others.  Explore the fine points of collaborating, cooperating and delegating to get things done, because your business will grow faster when others do it with you and for you.

Finally, we’ll look at how to put your operations on autopilot to save your sanity and to give you freedom. We’ll find the delicate balance between people and processes—how to get great people to execute great processes so that your business virtually runs itself. Breakdown is inevitable, so we’ll learn how to protect against the repercussions and get the train back on the tracks. We’ll also, for once and for all, finally achieve a work/life balance, because ultimately this balance is at the heart of why you can be someone who serves others as you serve your destiny. 

Here’s a sneak preview of what’s inside:

  • The four criteria necessary to build a business that takes you beyond booked solid:  profitability, scalability, excellence and leverage 
  • How to innovate in your business
  • How to cultivate the right attitude for success (this is not only about being positive)
  • How to reduce the hours you work and make more money
  • How to work with people inside and outside your business
  • How to complete remarkable projects
  • How to expand the business into a bigger operation and leverage being booked solid, potentially doubling, tripling, and even quadrupling sales within the first year 
  • How to find opportunities for earning passive and leveraged revenue
  • How to systematize all areas of the business, so the business runs without the business owner (that’s you) 
  • How to cost-effectively delegate virtually all administrative and busy work to others—without necessarily having more employees
  • How to prioritize tasks and projects to make sure things get done
  • How to, once and for all, consistently take time off to “sharpen the saw” and increase your creativity
  • How to balance the demands of work with a rich personal life

Throughout the book I’ll refer to a number of entrepreneurs, using their experiences as real work examples.  You may be itching to know their whole stories, and you will.  In the final chapter, we’ll look at how real people have built bigger, better businesses; their successes and what we can learn from their mistakes.

I have had to dig very deep to grow my business from a training and consulting business, in which I was fully responsible for every function of the business, from bookkeeping to booking appointments, from web design to window washing, from lead generation to licking envelopes, and every other detail of running a one-person business. I’m sure you know this scene well.

Fortunately, I’ve been able to turn the corner. Where I was once able to serve no more than 30 clients a month, I now serve an average of 500 clients a month in my intensive coaching programs and thousands more every month through my other offerings like books and CD programs, live events, and keynotes all over the world. I have redesigned the business to support as many clients as I choose—with no limit on the number I can serve.

If you are willing to dig down to the roots of your problems, rather than just hacking at the leaves, then the process revealed in the pages of this book can help you grow a formidable business that will yield fruit for years to come.  Your business, your life, your way—it’s all inside.  

Buy the book and experience the results.


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