Beyond Booked Solid
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Beyond Booked Solid includes written exercises that will support you in the process. You’ll want to retain your responses to the written exercises for regular review and, of course, for implementation purposes.  But I've gone one (big) step further. I have also prepared a complimentary downloadable Beyond Booked Solid Toolkit that includes additional resources, worksheets, and support materials including the essential BBS Report

If you have purchased a copy of either the hardcover book or audio book of Beyond Booked Solid this toolkit is my gift to you. In fact, it's part of the course material I use in my Beyond Booked Solid seminars.

If you don't have a copy of the book yet, you can get it here. Certainly, you can register for your copy of the workbook even if you don't have the book, but it won't do you too much good. You need the book to use the workbook.

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